Forgive me for praying my will in other people’s lives. Forgive me for asking you to fix the brokenness, rather than redeem the lost for your kingdom and purpose. Fix my eyes on the hope of what you are doing; a new thing. You are strong and your promises stand true. They are as solid and real as the ground I walk on; even more so. What you have said, you will do. Love my family, love my friends. Give them a story that shines your glory, not man’s. May I no longer look for the human answers to our daily problems in this life. Instead, have your will in each of our lives. Let us live the best story that you can write. You are the author of perfection; no one else is fit to carry your pen. You give life and you give it to the fullest, but we need your help to understand what this means. The life we live in Christ is not the same life that the world lives, for we are citizens of heaven. Eternity is now. Intercede on behalf of myself and my loved ones, and answer the prayers that we would pray if we knew all that you know God.

Love Always,

Your Daughter