Real is better than perfect.

I’ve always had this desire to publish a real diary. A complete honest telling of a real person’s life.

It came from a place of wanting to be known and a desire to tell a stories in which readers could truly relate.

Years later I still have that desire to write real life but it has grown into something much more beautiful.

I’m a child of God, an heir by grace. I’m being sanctified, but that’s a lifelong process.

I want to share with you some of the writing I do when I hangout with God or study the word or just cry out to God about what’s on my heart. I hear from God when I write, it’s my favorite way to talk to him apart from standing by the ocean.

Returning to read the conversations I’ve had with Him in the past is powerful. I don’t want to keep them to myself.

I hope that you might be encouraged that you are not alone when you struggle. No matter how many days or years you’ve been a believer, faith is fight.

“The reality of our faith isn’t real in the perfection of it; it’s real in the fight of it,” (Tim Maughn, Redemption Church).

It’s a daily choice to trust.

When you feel like you’re failing in faithfulness remember that God’s faithfulness never fails, and that He is the perfector of our faith, (Hebrews 12:2).

Those moments when you don’t feel it, when you’re crying out to God on your knees or completely numb-but you open the Word anyway, that’s when you’re faithful.

“The reality of our faith isn’t real in the perfection of it; it’s real in the fight of it.” –Tim Maughn, pastor, Redemption Church

Starting this blog was an act of faith for me.

I’ve had days where I trusted God to minister to a group of hundreds in a far away country, where I expected miracles and saw healing. And I’ve had days where I’ve been at home in America struggling to remember that God is just as in control of my life when He’s quiet and I can’t see anything happening.

Asking God to help me trust Him, though it sounds strange, was the biggest turning point in my faith.

I worry when I’m not supposed to, I ask for selfish things, I even yell at God sometimes. I’m messy.

But He has already taken into account every mistake I’ll make. He put his Spirit in me as a deposit, guaranteeing he will finish what he started, (Ephesians 1:14).

His faithfulness is greater than your capacity to be unfaithful.

Walk with me and we’ll grow together as I write you the stories of God’s faithfulness in the beautiful mess of my small life and those who surround me. I hope you’ll share the stories God writes for you too.