These are blogs I’ve been reading lately. You should read them too: 

Marriage Is All the Things and Not Enough 
Casie Rayes is a newly-married acquaintance of mine who loves the Lord and packs ferocious energy into all she does. She even wears zip-off convertible pants like a badass. Her honesty and talent for speaking our thoughts about daily life out loud will brighten your day.

More Blues For Sally 
Henry Dotson is a good friend (more like a brother) who I became acquainted with when he started dating my dear roommate (it’s okay, they’re fbo so I can say it). He’s a career consultant and overall one of the wisest, and punnyest, people I know.

Monica Leonelle
I hungrily devoured this website ready to follow her example like a dedicated donkey chasing a carrot. She is inspiring, and you will be hearing more from me about her in the future.

10 Tips for Aspiring Authors
Karen Kingsbury’s concise list of practical advice for writers has been the foundation of my approach to authorial dreams and career goals since I first began reading her heart-capturing Christian fiction novels.

Seth Godin
If you are a human and you aren’t reading this blog, just take 30 seconds right now to let Seth’s writing give you a punch in the thinker with your morning tea. Promise you won’t regret it.

Bespoken pen
My other blog, the one dedicated to a writing career. It’s brand new but I think it’s rather smashing so far.